Overhead 360 Photo Booth


Are you ready? It’s time to have fun! Our Overhead 360 Photo booth Experience has arrived! The overhead 360 Booth is exactly what’s needed to capture those memories from above.

It’s the perfect addition to your next event, party or gathering! You’ll be able to capture all the action from above with no worries about falling off the platform or getting hit by the spin arm.

The 360 overhead booth is a spin-arm photo booth that allows you to take pictures and videos of your guests from above. The 360 overhead booth can be set up in 30 minutes and it’s perfect for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and more! You can take pictures, give live captions and make memories like no other.

There’s plenty of room for everyone in this 360 Overhead Flying Round Photobooth! So, are you ready to get the party started with our overhead 360

Automatic Photo Booth?

  • No Weight Limit
  • No more Falling off the Platform
  • Can record many people at a time
  • Sturdy camera when clients dance

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68cm, 80cm, 100cm, 115cm


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